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I decided to start offering my bookkeeping and accounting services because I saw a lack of innovation in the space. In many ways, I'm your standard accounting type. I'm a touch reserved, willing to listen before providing feedback, and eager to find a solution. These are great attributes, and many good accountants possess them. What is different about me is that I am passionate about small business owners understanding and using their financials in a way that can influence their business decisions. A lot of times, that requires a custom, innovative solution.

With real-life corporate accounting experience in multiple industries, with organizations of varying sizes, I have seen what works, and what doesn't. With a keen eye for efficiency, and access to the newest, and most advanced tools, I work hard to find lasting solutions that streamline the bookkeeping process. This enables me to spend more time analyzing the numbers to deliver valuable financial insight that businesses can use to develop a strong strategic plan. I'm a self-proclaimed Excel-Nerd, I love to create custom dashboards, that boil the financials down into super-informative bite-size pieces. 

I live in Lavon, Texas with my beautiful wife Rachelle, and our three children. When I am not counting beans, you'll find me chasing chickens with the kids, and harvesting home-grown fruits and veggies on our "mini-homestead". You can also find me on some local mountain biking trails, huffing and puffing through the trees. I played baseball for Dallas Baptist University (DBU) from 2004 to 2007, while completing my BBS-Management degree. I went back to DBU, and completed my MBA with a focus on Accounting in 2010. 

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Chief Bean-Counter

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